Lee K. Blakeman


Lee K. Blakeman is a founding member of Quaternity Trombones, Principal Trombone of the Evansville (IN) Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Kentucky of Bowling Green, Second/Assistant Principal Trombone of the Owensboro (KY) Symphony Orchestra, Adjunct Instructor of Trombone at Western Kentucky University, and maintains a private studio.

Mr. Blakeman’s Professional Warm-Up & Maintenance Book concisely covers  fundamental aspects of playing trombone that first warms-up the embouchure and then transitions into maintenance of necessary skills to successfully prepare solo, band and orchestral literature.  From the Preface:

My desire to become a mature-sounding musician required me to gain greater control of the instrument and resulted in the particular sequence of exercises that follow.  I have found using this book on a daily basis keeps me prepared for the playing challenges I most often encounter while also maintaining a certain degree of endurance.  My approach to breathing, buzzing, tone development, range, flexibility and articulation through all registers are described at the beginning of each section.  I fully believe if you learn to navigate all the exercises you will expand and maintain your playing in a way that will leave you prepared for most challenges you will encounter as a trombonist.  Take the time to develop these fundamental skills.  They will enable you to more professionally prepare the most challenging literature.

For more information regarding Mr. Blakeman’s availability for performances, master classes, private lessons and ordering the Warm-Up & Maintenance Book or other materials, contact him directly via leeblakeman@me.com.